Patterson Park, Baltimore's Next Great Neighborhood

Resident Views

We moved to Patterson Park because of its proximity to our jobs at Johns Hopkins medical campus. Being so close to work and the Hopkins shuttle allows us to be a one-car household. We've stayed because of the amenities for our entire family. We are in the park daily, going for walks to the playground, boat lake, concerts, pool, or festivals. And we love the unique events that happen including the water ballet, kinetic sculpture race and Halloween lantern parade.
—Loretta, Baltimore Street
As a former resident of Northern Virginia, I consulted friends who knew of the area, and they had positive things to say about Patterson Park and its diverse community. The neighborhood so far has not let me down, and I truly love the park. It has to be one of the most well maintained parks I've ever seen, especially for its size, and my daughter loves it. Heck, I love it!
—Christopher, Glover Street
I love living so close to the park. I also love the diversity of the neighborhood, the people, and the community's collaboration and "get-it-done" spirit.
—Mark, Baltimore Street
I moved here with my family from New York City. Truthfully, it took me about a year to adjust. I kept thinking, 'What have we done?' But I'm growing attached to this neighborhood. There is something about it that is very genuine.
—Damien, Decker Avenue
The park is filled with history and character, and it brings diverse groups of people together to share in picnics, sports events and heritage festivals. Living here in Patterson Park, there are many opportunities to meet people through the neighborhood associations, social sporting leagues and organized family activities.
—Marnie, Potomac Street
To me, Baltimore is my neighborhood, and my friends here are my family. I feel incredibly, outrageously lucky to have chosen this house, on this street, at the moment when I did. Even when a professional opportunity in another state lured me away for a few years, I held on to my little rowhouse, and eventually returned to take my rightful place in my heart's home: Patterson Park. There's nothing like this town, and Iíll continue to defend it, celebrate it, and work to help make it better.
—Robbyn, Potomac Street